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The new machinery we have selected here at Edwards & Farmer is the best on the market and the most suitable for our customers.  However, we do continue to look at what else is available and make sure that we offer our customers what best suits their purpose.


Ranges we specialise in are:

Smyth Trailers – build quality, specification, strength and residual value, are just some of the reasons we stock this impressive range of trailers.


Pottinger - Pottinger UK has been established in the UK for over 10 years and is a leading force in the grassland machinery sector.


Master Driers -The product range includes the highly acclaimed Master Turbo Grain Drier suitable for drying all types of crops such as wheat, barley, oil-seed, maize, beans, peas, rice, etc. The new range of Master Turbo Driers has been designed to meet today’s stringent drying requirements and incorporates all new ‘CE’ safety features.


Tecnoma Sprayers – great design, innovation and precision in sprayer technology are the reason we supply this range.



Valtra - 'T' Series tractors are more efficient, comfortable and environmentally friendly with up to 10% savings on fuel consumption. The new HiTech models introduced several new structural and technical improvements to the ‘A’ series.  We pride ourselves in providing the right tractor, suitable for the customer, that can develop and grow according to their needs. It is just as important that the tractor remains reliable and dependable from one year to the next.  Original Valtra spare parts are recognised for their durability and reliability and are stocked in our parts department.  They play a vital role in keeping your Valtra tractor healthy throughout its working life.  Demo models are available call Rupert or Robin on 01743 718762 to arrange a demonstration.