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Oil & Lubricants

A comprehensive range of products that include multifunctional lubricants, dedicated transmission fluids and engine oils for the agricultural sector are available from us in both handy 1 and 25 litre sizes and 205 litre barrels.


Please speak to us as modern agricultural equipment does NOT run on super farm universal any more!

The multifunctional lubricant has traditionally allowed rationalisation of stock inventories and reduced the risk of mis-application and it still has its place in a modern farming environment. However, advances in agricultural equipment hardware have pushed the limits of this product type.

Dedicated engine oils and transmission fluids have been developed to cope with these new demands. Low emission, high power engines and high tech transmission systems require specialised lubricant technology to optimise their performance and maximise component service life.

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Not sure or would like help on which lubricant you need, then call Mike on 01743 718762 or Robin on 0783 665 8669.