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New Horsch Finer 6 SL

Assets of the Finer

  • 5, 6, 7 and 8 m working width with 3-point linkagE
  • All-over cutting due to solid tines
  • Efficient consolidation in the germination zone
  • Free configuration options from light cultivator to seedbed preparer with double packer and 2-row harrow
  • Compact tine section for all-over cutting
  • Precise working due to exact depth control
  • Hydraulically adjustable working depth as well as hydraulic adjustment of the aggressiveness of the harrow
  • Release force of the tine can be doubled by the double spring
  • In combination with the 2-row heavy harrow the Finer combs the weeds to surface
  • Finer SL combined with the seeding kit for sowing wet conditions or for sowing catch crops
  • MiniDrill seed unit for precise, simple and quick catch crop sowing

What are the favourite conditions of use of the Finer?

  • Shallow and all-over weed control after the first tillage pass
  • Creation of a “stale” seedbed
  • Seedbed preparation for maize
  • Opening the seedbed after the winter
  • Efficient sowing of catch crops
  • Tine sowing technology allows for sowing in very wet conditions